Want to make changes to your house?

Now you can divide a room, make changes in your kitchen or bathroom, try new lighting, use different materials and colors on walls & floors. 

Save Time & Money !

Using our 3D Pre - View Drawings. (renders)

The process easy:

1) We will visit your house and take photographs & measurements.

2) Tell us your likes, dislikes and budget. We'll discuss space functionality, color Schemes, wall treatments, wallpapers, tiles, window treatments, lighting and every other relevant aspect of the space we are working on.

3) We'll present the first set of drawings, showing you your Virtually furnished rooms. AT THIS stage, you can make changes file as Many as you like to Any aspect of the design. Once we've made ​​the changes file, you can make even more changes. You get to experiment and have fun Actually With The project Rather than making mistakes Worrying About. All the mistakes we'll make on the project will be made ​​on our screens.

4) Finally we'll give you a CD & High Definition Prints of your new project.

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